Events  /  19th May 2024

In the midst of all our planning for the year, we got some exciting news from the Social Impact Media Awards (SIMA) for both LBx Africa and No Simple Way Home.

LBx Africa is nominated under ‘Production Companies’ for the social change we inspire through our films. No Simple Way Home is nominated under ‘Best Feature Documentary’, the same award that Softie the film won in 2021!

Here is what Founder & CEO, SIMA, Daniela Kon Lieberberg had to say about this year’s finalists;

“Sharing the work of courageous filmmakers and storytellers with lived experience from the front lines of today’s global issues is ever more vital in a world where deep fakes and algorithms fuel the echo chambers of our social feeds and enable discrimination, bias and political doctrine to remain dangerously unchallenged. Immunity to doctrine might just be the most important armor we can build up in ourselves and future generations, and the best vehicle we have to subvert and dismantle it is the very same vehicle that reinforces it: film and media. At SIMA, we call “authentic narratives’ the antidote to doctrine. The authentic storytelling, we champion illuminates the dignity and resilience of people from all walks of life, and stands out in its transparency, integrity and creativity to take audiences on a journey that becomes their own.”

Massive thanks to SIMA for the honor of these nominations. Winners will be announced on 9th February. Wish us luck!

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