Reflecting on 9 years of LBx Africa

Events  /  24th July 2024

As LBx Africa celebrates 9 years, we genuinely are in awe of how far we have come.

If you run a company, you’ll agree that each anniversary is a major milestone, and getting to 9 years for us is not something we take for granted. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the journey so far, the significant growth we’ve had, the scars we’ve picked up along the way, and what we look forward to over the next few years.

Beyond our wildest dreams

We will be the first to confess that we came in green, full of naivety and driven by the ambition that we could make a difference in a young creative industry as we worked everyday to find our voice.

We wanted to tell stories as diverse as the people we engage with although we didn’t quite know what that meant at the time. None of us could have imagined that in under a decade we would be collaborating with filmmakers across Africa and the globe and that our work would be screened and awarded in some of the world’s major Film Festivals. For this, we are eternally greatful.

Opportunities for the future

The growth of African stories is dependent on who tells them and who owns them. Our present reality does not encourage any sense of growth or sustainability of a film industry because of the skewed nature of these two elements.

We have learned that to change the existing paradigm, we have to ensure our stories are owned and told by us. To do this, we need to increase our stake in the film value chain. There is a need to have greater control in the processes from concept development to production to exhibition and distribution. This necessitates significant collaboration, talent engagement, and investment.

This is why in the next few years; we look to develop more diverse content in both the fiction and non-fiction spaces in different formats. We are building collaborations that we hope will help us achieve this goal.

We take this moment to celebrate everyone who has stood with us and believed in our ever-expanding dreams. Our collaborators, crew, funders, and family for being there for us and keeping us going. We don't take this for granted and dedicate this 9th celebration to you.

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